Secure Your Contracting

1. Carrier Contracting

  • Join Hierarchy and Compensation Management System (HCMS) – A link to create your account will be sent separately. When setting up your profile, you will need to add your Social Security Number and National Producer Number: *Your profile will not be fully registered if your Social and NPN are not added and this will delay Onboarding.
  • Once you complete your HCMS profile, you will receive a unique link to join SureLC; this is where you will submit contracts for Mutual of Omaha, John Hancock, and AIG.
  • Here is an instructional video on how to navigate SureLC. SureLC for Producers – Profile Review – YouTube
  • When you have completed the “My Profile” section in SureLC, you will receive an email inviting you to join GATEWAY; this is where all platforms: (HCMS, SureLC, ILC, and NLC) will be accessible. Integrity Lead Center (ILC) is where you will create an account to access our lead system. You will have access 5 hours after you create your ILC account.

Here is some helpful info when completing your SuranceBay:

  • You can NOT create a SuranceBay account unless you are fully licensed and the license has been active for 72 hours.
  • If you have had a SuranceBay account with another IMO before, please verify the “create an account” page shows YOUR agency name, not the old name. Sign up as new user and use a new email.
  • You will need a voided check from your banking institution.
  • You must have a current AML/Limra. Go to USERNAME is your NPN# PASSWORD is your last name (all lowercase letters). If you are unable to register, please request an appointment with Mutual of Omaha (see below in Carrier Requests). Once they receive your contract, they will register you with AML/Limra. This process can take up to 3 business days. *Make sure to take a screenshot of your completed AML to upload in SuranceBay as you will not receive a certificate.

For reference, below are links to HCMS, SureLC, GATEWAY, NLC, and ILC:

Carrier Requests

In SuranceBay, go to “Carrier Requests” and request carriers there, filling out anything with a red asterisk.

You can request the following carriers:

AIG – (877) 399-7747

John Hancock – (877) 606-7779

MOO – (800) 775-7896 You must do their own specific (AML) Anti-Money Laundering training.

Next Level Contracting

NLC (24 hour contracting) – Click this link and join Next Level Contracting; this is where you will request an appointment for Americo. Enter your HCMS credentials to log into NLC and follow the guide to complete your onboarding. Here is some helpful information on how to navigate NLC.

Additional Carriers

In HCMS, you can request as a “New Carrier” if you want to be appointed with the following carriers below. *Once these carriers are requested and approved, corporate will add them to your SuranceBay account for you to submit contracting.

Aetna – (866) 272-6630

You may email your contracting admin when you have a client ready to write a policy for the following carriers:

CFG – (800) 423-9765 (must write paper application to be appointed)
Global Atlantic / Accordia– (800) 848-0977 (must write paper application to be appointed)

North American (866) 322-7068 (must write paper application to be appointed)
Royal Neighbors – (866) 733-9758 

A separate contracting link will be sent for the following carriers:

Prosperity – (866) 380-6413  You must do their own specific (AML) Anti-Money Laundering training.

United Home Life –(800) 428-3001

You may email your contracting admin to request a link for the following carries:

National Life Group (NLG) (877) 654-3499 as of 1/31/22 must have a client to submit to the carrier once contracted.

Athene – (888) 266-8489

Where is my contracting?

CONFIRM your requested appointments in SureLC (log back in).

  • There should be green check marks by the carriers you have selected.
  • Check the date contracting was sent out.

If your status shows at:

PRODUCER – You did not fully submit.

BGA – It will be sent to the carrier in the next 24 hours.

CARRIER – The contract is with the carrier, and you will need to call them directly to follow up. You should begin receiving emails from the carriers.

Missing Carriers

When your carrier appointment request is approved, you will get an email and a welcome letter with your unique agent writing numbers from each carrier. Once you receive that, go back into your HCMS account under “REQUESTS” and “MISSING CARRIER” and add your writing numbers into the system. *If you are not able to add a “MISSING CARRIER”, email your agency admin and they will assist you.

2. E&O Coverage​

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